Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Saturday was my 11th wedding anniversary. Mr. H even looked up what our "anniversary solid" or metal or whatever it is, and discovered that 11 years is the steel anniversary.

Several web sites mentioned jewelry - for EVERY anniversary. I'm not a big jewelry girl. I like it, I wear, but don't dump tons of money into it for me. Well, maybe every once and a while you can. But not every holiday.

Mr. H purchased a set of stainless steel coffee mugs for us. This made me very happy because I lost my last mug, and have been much forlorned using the mug I have. It has fallen apart, it's bent, and it's starting to look worse for wear on the inside. I'm quite certain that I am making compost with the amount of old coffee crud on the inside of it. The new mug should even fit into my bike, so finally I can drink coffee on those morning trips to the gym.

We also decided to purchase a coffee roaster as a joint present. I had read about using a popcorn popper to roast green coffee beans years ago but never really seriously considered roasting my own until a friend showed me her automatic roaster. Mr. H and I have been occasionally whispering about procuring one of these magic things ever since.

With the anniversary upon, well, past us, we are still debating which one to finally purchase. My friend gave the I-Roast 2 a rave review, although I don't know if she would use it quite as often as we are planning to. The biggest fallback for us of the I-Roast is the size. While my friend swears that it's enough for two (of our) pots of coffee, my husband remains unconvinced. The fallback of the larger roasters is the price. It was just a little more than we wanted to spend, especially for a hobby we haven't completely commited to yet. On the other hand, I am fairly confident that we will enjoy roasting our own beans. We make our own pickles, peanut butter and jam, what's a little coffee roasting? I'm fairly certain that in the long run we will make up our investment, because the cost of green beans is so much cheaper, let alone how much better it supposedly tastes...

The decision will be made by the end of the week.


Matt said...

Ok, first, happy anniversary!

Second, can you use the coffee roaster to roast anything else? Say, peanuts (since you mentioned peanut butter)? I think finding an additional use for the machine would make me feel better about spending the money.

ev said...

Thank you! No, it's pretty much a unitasker. And really too small to roast anything else. But, in the long run, if you consider that green beans cost about 1/2 as much as roasted beans, I think it will at least hit a break-even point. I think it roasts enough for about 2 pots of coffee, and you can roast once a day.

I buy my peanuts in massive bulk from costco or sams or GFS.