Saturday, January 12, 2008

back again.

it was about 6 years ago when I started my first blog. Of course, then I was without a child, without a degree, and still just working a regular job at the Big U. I wrote about Deeply Important Things like technology in education and instructional design. It was an exciting time back then - full of hopes and excitement.

That first blog eventually fell by the wayside, out of paranoid fears that still plague the use of blogs in education, mainly how does one excuse immature and undeveloped thought processes when they are so publically displayed? (oh - what was I thinking back then when I wrote that piece on the importance of learning styles? I shudder to think about it now).

Since then, I tried to pick it up again. All efforts failed. Not only did I not have time, but circumstances being what they were, a public journal was just not a good idea. But now, I have no job, and I'm not quite sure what my employment future holds at this point, so what the hell.

However, I find something very theraputic about writing, and writing without an audience seems a little pointless. Of course, writing a blog in this day and age is about the same as writing without an audience, but a girl can hope.

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